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Venus Flytraps

A Venus Flytrap “King Henry” plant against a red background

DescriptionVenus Flytraps

Venus flytraps are a native carnivorous plant that are found in bogs across the southeast of the United States. Flytraps have a trapping structure at the end of each of their leaves. This modified portion of the leaf can actively open and close to capture insects that trigger small hairs that line the inner surface of the trap. Once an insect is trapped, the continual movements inside the trap causes it to fully close and digest the insect. Like other carnivorous plants, the additional nutrients from these insects supplements the nutrient poor habitats they have evolved in.

Potting Media

Venus flytraps can be potted in a mixture of 60% peat moss and 40% perlite. Like most other carnivorous plants, avoid any media with fertilizers such as MiracleGro. 

Grow Guide

Venus flytraps prefer to be grown in shallow bogs where the growing media is kept continually moist. Generally, flytraps will thrive outside in full sun but can also be grown on a sunny window or under grow lights. Flytraps can be potted in larger bogs or individual pots can be placed in a plant saucer. Ensure there is always some water in the tray or bog to keep the media moist. Like all other carnivores, flytraps appreciate clean water that is low in total dissolved solids (TDS). Depending on where you live, this can be straight from the tap or filtered through a DI or similar system. 

Flytraps have a winter dormancy. During this time, much of the growth above the surface will die back. This will be triggered by seasonal changes in temperature and daylight hours. During this time, keep the soil just damp until the next growing season begins. If the temperatures are expected to fall below freezing for an extended amount of time, bring them inside or cover with some protection like pine needles or an antifreeze tarp.

These plants do not need to be fed for survival. If you want to feed your flytrap, only feed it live insects that are small enough to fit inside the trap. If freeze dried worms or dead food are fed, the traps need to be gently massaged after they close to stimulate full closure and digestion.